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A message from our President Mr Steve Tomkins

Lady Chairman, Mr Captain, Lady Captain, Past Presidents and Past Captains. 

Firstly, on behalf of the members, I would like to convey a few thank you's.

I'm sure you'll all agree, a successful golf club is only as good as the staff that are running it and so, thank you Jack and all the ground staff for the sterling effort and commitment you have given this year. The course is in excellent condition as we go into the winter and has been maintained all year to a very high standard indeed, which I do believe is reflected by the number of new members joining us this year, along with the very high turnover of visitors, many whom return for subsequent visits. 

From a catering perspective, I would like to thank the kitchen and bar staff for their dedicated service throughout the year and also, I would like to extend thanks to Phil Cary for his efforts in providing a smooth running club and his contribution and hard work when collating scores, running competitions as well as providing us with a well-stocked pro shop. 

You may have noticed our new defibrillator unit installed in the main entrance to the club and a big thank you goes to Tina for her help in making this happen. I've asked Phil to purchase a new battery for the old defibrillator unit in order that this can be situated in the halfway hut, thus reducing the response time when out on the course. 

My last (and certainly not least) thank you to both Sarah and Jane for their continued hard work both out on the course and within the clubhouse. 

I know I speak for us all in saying we appreciate and value all of your hard work and achievements. 

This last year of my presidency term has been both enjoyable and rewarding and has given me the opportunity to meet existing and new members, and to act as a sounding board for all our members' grievances, although since requesting all complaints be put in writing and signed, the committee have only received one and this was from yours truly!

I feel the club is in a very strong position with regards to longevity, its strength arising from the commitment of staff and members alike. A welcome and friendly atmosphere is always evident for our visitors who report their experience to their friends and colleagues, who in turn, hopefully pay us a visit, and so the cycle continues, securing the future success of the club. 

Finally, I'm looking forward to my next year in office and would like to take this opportunity to remind our members to keep supporting our club at the many forthcoming events scheduled for this next year. 

Played there yesterday for the first time. Fantastic course but next time I think I will hire a buggy. Course is in great condition and some nice challenging holes 

— Chris Penny