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Here is a map of the Holes, Please click on a hole to view more details.

13 9 6 7 8 4 5 14 10 11 12 16 17 15 3 2 1 18

Hole 1: Set

Stoke Index: 9

Par 4
342 yds
333 yds
328 yds

Tee shot. Nice gentle start. . You need to hit ball 220 yds short of the cross bunkers to leave short iron in. Second shot – Keep to the left of pin, if  you miss green right or long then you’re in trouble!

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Hole 2: Pit

Stoke Index: 11

Par 3
173 yds
150 yds
132 yds

Carry The pit! Aim left of pin. Green slopes back to front but also left to right.

A tricky Par 3!

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Hole 3: Summit

Stoke Index: 1

Par 5
605 yds
556 yds
453 yds

Tee shot – ideally played with fade to hold the fairway centre. A good tee shot will be rewarded however, there are numerous hazards, if in doubt, play safe – short of the yellow stakes will leave around 150 yds in. Tricky green – make sure your not big if the pin is on the front level.

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Hole 4: Ivor's Island

Stoke Index: 3

Par 4
382 yds
359 yds
249 yds

Our Signature hole! Tee shot – from the tee the fairway looks narrower than it really is, big hitters be careful of running out of fairway. Second shot over the pond – long narrow green, trust the yardage.

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Hole 5: Ox-bow

Stoke Index: 17

Par 3
183 yds
148 yds
143 yds

Beware left hand bunker. Centre of the green is always a good target here, no matter where the pin is.

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Hole 6: Laurel

Stoke Index: 15

Par 4
318 yds
309 yds
299 yds

Tee shot – easy hole if played sensibly. Leave the driver in the bag, a long iron is enough for position – as far left as you dare with going into the bunkers. Second shot – beware hidden bunker on left of green. Also, the hump on the front right.

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Hole 7: Gorse

Stoke Index: 5

Par 4
393 yds
401 yds
413 yds

Tee shot – usually with the prevailing wind so doesn’t play it’s yardage. A great design – the longer you hit your tee shot, the more trouble you can get into – the longer the tee shot, the easier the second – a good test. Second shot – just avoid the two front bunkers.

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Hole 8: Oak

Stoke Index: 13

Par 4
324 yds
312 yds
276 yds

As the 6th, put away the woods and play for position. Take a short cut over the left hand conifer, 200yds will leave a flick into a nice receptive green – a good birdie chance.

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Hole 9: Railway

Stoke Index: 7

Par 4
387 yds
370 yds
370 yds

Plays longer than yardage due to wind – it’s usually against. Just avoid the 2 bunkers on left hand side at 250-280yds. Second shot – it’s a huge green but still, DON’T GO LONG!

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Hole 10: Devil's

Stoke Index: 6

Par 4
367 yds
337 yds
310 yds

A tight tee shot, try and land the ball in the left hand side of the fairway, otherwise the hawthorn tree comes into play at 280 yds. Second shot – nice friendly bank on the left, just avoid the hidden bunker. Miss the green right and you’re in trouble.

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Hole 11: Bank

Stoke Index: 16

Par 5
477 yds
472 yds
467 yds

Tee shot – aim down the centre with draw, the fairway is firm and if you hit the short cut, the ball will run. Second shot – it’s a blind shot but the green is the same as the 10th but without a left bunker so aim left of the pin and the ball will run down. Once again, trust the yardage.

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Hole 12: Blythe

Stoke Index: 8

Par 4
333 yds
323 yds
292 yds

Tee shot – as for the other short par 4’s, play for position – 200yds and straight will leave a short iron to a small green – another birdie chance.

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Hole 13: Short'un

Stoke Index: 18

Par 3
121 yds
111 yds
101 yds

Trust the yardage – the front bunker brings the green closer to the naked eye, but there is room between the bunker and front of the green.

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Hole 14: Enigma

Stoke Index: 14

Par 4
281 yds
277 yds
270 yds

Another signature hole Tee shot – a classic ‘risk and reward hole’– a good tee shot will leave you close or even on the green. Just avoid the river.

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Hole 15: Saddle

Stoke Index: 2

Par 4
383 yds
360 yds
332 yds

Tee shot - hitting fairway is vital here, only the biggest of hitters will get far enough up the hill and still be able to reach from the semi. Second shot – club selection is vital here more than anywhere else on the course. Tiny green with a bank at the back. If you’re long, your dead.

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Hole 16: Ash Bowl

Stoke Index: 12

Par 3
172 yds
154 yds
106 yds

Wind always plays a big part here, it’s the highest point of the course. You can hit wedge or you can hit driver depending on direction and speed. Avoid front bunker.

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Hole 17: Long'un

Stoke Index: 4

Par 5
581 yds
574 yds
464 yds

Take in the views! Tee shot. Let loose the driver and watch it sail. Tricky small green, beware when pin is on the front.

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Hole 18: Leese Hill

Stoke Index: 10

Par 4
270 yds
262 yds
231 yds

Tee shot – played best with a fade. The green is best approach with a full shot in, so try and leave yourself around 100 yds. just remember the uphill second shot will take a lot off your yardage, the green-side bunkers are lethal.

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Another great day at this lovely course, it is in excellent condition. The whole experience is very good, very friendly staff, nothing too much trouble. Food great and all at a reasonable price. A very good place for a golf society day. A big thank you to the bar staff for great service with a smile

— Ian C